Aglaonema Cutlass
Cutlass PP #22,940
6" | 8" | 10" | 14"


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Gemini Supreme
Calypso Supreme


Aglaonema Gold Dust
Gold Dust PAT #17,497
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Jewel of India
"Jewel of India"
PAT #10,658
6" | 8" | 10"

Aglaonema Juliette
Juliette PPAF
6" | 8"

Check out the
University of Florida
Aglaonema Cold
Tolerance Study

A strong, healthy root
system means less problems
when the plant is on the job.




Aglaonemas are wonderful, versatile plants for indoor use and have long been on the plantscapers list of "preferred" plants. But the Aglaonema list has been short… until recently. Over the last 10 years many new Aglaonemas have been introduced.

In our quest to produce the finest plants for indoor use we've trialed many of these plants to see if they would or could meet the unique demands of the indoor environment, shipping process, plantscaper and grower.

Of the 100's of new plants we've tested, we are proud to say that Butler's is home to the Stars of India collection by KAYESGEES. This new and unique selected group of Aglaonemas has come to the United States from southern India. Stars of India TM collection differs from most hybrids on the market today that originated in Thailand.

Many plants introduced just don't go through the trialing and testing phase that is needed to "know" the plant. The breeders of the Stars of India collection have been a pleasure to work with. Simply because they insisted that we be merciless in our trialing and evaluations of their plants. Plants that don't meet our criteria are destroyed. Butler's personally trialed all Stars of IndiaTM hybrids prior to putting them into production.

By now you're saying …. "What's the criteria"?

Next time you talk to someone trying to sell you an Aglaonema ask them if their plants meet these specifications.

  • Exceptional Suckering Habit
    This helps the grower and plantscaper with plants that remain and look full.
  • Minimal Flowering
    Flowering on Aglaonemas just take away energy which the plant can use other places.
  • Superior Cold Tolerance
    Less possibility of damage from cold, during transport to jobs and installation and a wide range of places they can be used.
  • Disease Resistance
    Stronger plants with less problems on the growing side.
  • Compact Form
    Plants maintain their size and shape, don't outgrow the space.
  • Low Light Performance
    Light is always an issue especially indoors, plants must hold up and maintain their qualities even lower light levels.
  • Strong Root Characteristic
    Translates into a vigorous plant, the key to long term success with plants.
  • Unique Look and Color Characteristic
    Plants must be distinctive which gives you a "something different" look.
  • Easy to Adapt
    Your technicians will not need to learn a "new plant" and how to handle it.

Once plants have "met the test" the next step is putting the plant into production.

The easy thing to do would be to send plants out to a cutting farm where they would be produced and handled like so many other plants today. Instead, at Butler's we believe that controlling your stock has many more advantages.

We produce all of our cuttings from our own stock. By controlling the stock we can keep out disease and insects that frequently are brought in from cutting farms. All of our Aglaonema varieties are grown off the ground on benches from start to finish. This assures us that we are free of nematodes or soil diseases.

Our workers have been carefully trained to take only selected cuttings. As an added measure, special attention is given to disinfecting all cutting tools before each cut and all cuttings are kept off of the ground to keep them pathogen free.

Next... the rooting process

All of our Aglaonemas start by rooting a single cutting in a pot. Once the cutting is fully rooted, the plant will sucker and begin to fill out.

The original cutting tip is removed and the process is started over again. After several months the plant will carry a full, dense pot of foliage . Growing plants this way is different from the industry standard…. of sticking enough cuttings in a pot to make the plant full and rooting them.

The grow times are longer but… a plant started from one single cutting forms a stronger root system. This translates into a stronger and better quality plant for indoor use. A stronger root system means less problems when the plant is on the job.

When the plant is ready to be shipped to you our patent Tag sticker is placed on the pot. We are required by law to protect the patent by placing the name, patent number, and propagation prohibited statement on the plant.

Growing quality plants for the interior plantscaper does take extra time to "do it right"... but then again, that's why interiorscapers keep coming back for the "extras".

How about you? Do you specify and demand interiorscape quality plants for your jobs? Have you experienced the difference of Butler's Foliage? Give us a call at 800-342-1398, request our catalog or credit application or give us your plant request.

At Butler's we're here to meet your foliage needs.


Aglaonema Key Largo
Key Largo PAT #17,550
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Lumina
Lumina PP #23995
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Mystic Marble
Mystic Marble PPAF

Aglaonema Romeo
Romeo PPAF
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Shamrock
Shamrock PP #23,972
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Silverado
"Silverado" PAT #14,287
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Silverado
"Sterling" PAT #15,915
10" | 14"

Aglaonema Tigress
Tigress PP #23,971
6" | 8" | 10"


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