New Mandevilla for Spring Color at Butler's Foliage

Sun Parasol® is the brand name given to a new collection of Mandevilla hybrids, which are known for their climbing or trailing properties. Sun Parasol® bloom colors remain rich and flower longer than older varieties. Once established, this selection is undemanding and requires minimal care. Useful as a hanging, bedding, and container plant.

Sun Parasol® is bred by the world renowned plant breeding company Suntory Flowers Ltd. from Japan. Their plants are recognized for excellent vigor, weather tolerance, continuous blooming, disease resistance, and ease of growing.

Mandevilla Burgundy

Mandevilla Crimson Original

Mandevilla Pink Original

Mandevilla Giant Crimson

Mandevilla Giant Pink

Mandevilla Giant White

Mandevilla Pretty Pink

Mandevilla Stars & Stripes

Mandevilla Miami Moon

Mandevilla Brides Cascade

Mandevilla Giant Red Emperor

Mandevilla Red Emperor

Dipladenia Hot Lips Red

Dipladenia Rio Pink

Dipladenia Rio Red

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